Cunill Range


Motor equipped with thermal protector.

Functioning regulated by push button and electronic plate.

Cunill Range
Cunill Range


Two cooling motors (bimotor version): one fan operates in conjunction with the grinder motor and the second one operates even if the grinder is stopped o extract the heat (patented system).

Extremely quiet-action motor (63dB) with the mechanism fixed to the chassis by means of a floating sustem that prevents vibrations.

Double housing self-cooling motor.

Universal coffee tamper adaptable to all types of portafilters.

Redesign of the extraction circuit of the hot air generated by the motor.

New mechanism to adjust the grain size of the ground coffee.

New dispenser made in a single piece to minimise leakage of the aroma of the coffee (patented system).

New hopper design with new fixing with no screws required (patented system).
On-Off switch include.


Motor equipped with termal protector.

Colours: Bl,Gr, Dark-grey, purple and inox.

Cunill Range
Cunill Range


Motor equipped with termal protector.

Colours: Bl,Gr, Dark-grey and purple.