A groundbreaking alliance is announced


BRITA partners with IBERITAL in the Anew project, the first circular coffee machine with the same guarantee as a new machine.

BRITA, one of the world’s leading experts in optimization and individualization of drinking water, joins the Barcelona-based company IBERITAL, dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of espresso machines for the horeca channel, for the development of its IBERITAL Anew project. In addition to BRITA, it has the collaboration of the environmental consulting firm, Inèdit, and the subsidy of the Waste Agency of Catalonia.




The IBERITAL Anew Project, which began to be conceived in 2021 and will materialise in 2023, was born with the aim of building a new way of operating, moving from the linear economy (based on extract, produce, consume and throw away) to the circular economy (preserve, (re)produce, use, repair and reuse) in the coffee industry to build a future in which waste is considered a resource by reincorporated the assets in the production chain.








IBERITAL’s circular coffee machine project, with the collaboration of BRITA, aims to evaluate the benefits, from a technical, economic and environmental point of view, of the actions of reconditioning and reinstallation in IBERITAL’s espresso machines used in the HORECA channel.

The aim is to extend the life of the products through remanufacturing and digitalization of after-sales services, improve the design to facilitate reconditioning and recycling, and increase the overall value of the different stakeholder in the circular economy process.


The coffee machines obtain water directly from the water supply network, using the most innovative BRITA filtering technology for the perfect purification of the water and to guarantee its optimum quality, and that translates into: better water quality, better coffee.


In Spain, tap water is of high quality, but to prepare a good coffee it is essential to filter it to obtain water with the optimum amount of minerals for the coffee to express its full aroma, flavour and crema. 98% of a coffee is water. Filtration also protects the machines from limescale and gypsum build-up, preventing breakdowns and extending their service life.

BRITA and IBERITAL’s commitment to the planet is a consequence of both companies’ commitment to environmental care, the circular economy and the reduction of plastics.

According to Aurora Farré, co-CEO of IBERITAL, “the best way to reduce the carbon footprint of our machines is to extend their life, protecting them from possible breakdowns and promoting reconditioning and circular economy projects like this one”.

Clare López-Wright; General Manager of BRITA in Spain and Portugal, in reference to this coalition, “entering into this project hand in hand with IBERITAL has been established naturally since we share the same objective of commitment to sustainability. At BRITA we work to extend the life of coffee machines, protecting them with our filters“.

IBERITAL has developed the connectivity of its machines through IBERITAL Connect, a telematic platform with internet connection that facilitates the permanent and automated monitoring of the machine, as well as the communication between the barista, the technical service and the coffee roaster. We innovate in efficiency, monitoring and care of the machines.



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With the support of the Waste Agency of Catalonia

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