IB EcoSmart

At Iberital we advocate for…

A better use of power is not only possible but needed.

Traditionally, coffee machines have been ready to deliver non-stop (even at night & holidays!) and are built with very poor isolation. As a result, coffee machines have an unbelievably high-energy loss that could be saved.


How do we achieve it?

At Iberital, we stop the overconsumption by introducing 3 radical modifications that will help you save up to 68%*. First, we isolate the main parts (boilers, group heads, ...). Second, we've created 3 energy modes that control energy consumption of group heads and boilers individually, so you can program them to be in Ready, Eco, Sleep mode according to your peak and off-peak needs. Third, we've developed IB QuickHeat to heat-up your asleep group heads ipso facto. Combined with the information gathered by Iberital Connect, IB EcoSmart will give you the tools to set your own groundbreaking energy-saving plan.


Key facts


3 consumption modes to adapt the status of your VISION to your real demand flow.


Thermal isolation in boilers and group heads.


Program automatic on-off time for each weekday.


Use the Eco Mode recurrently; IB QuickHeat will heat-up groups in the blink of an eye.


Reduce power consumption up to 30-68% by combining all options!*

* Total power consumption reduction will depend on the use pattern of the machine at the coffee shop and the total number of hours of Sleep Mode per day. Measurements according to DIN 18773-2:2016