IB Joystick

At Iberital we advocate for…

Reimagining how baristas interact with their coffee machines.

“IB Joystick is like interacting with a friend,” chief designer Andreu Carulla explains, “you don't do it by pushing buttons, but by patting them on the back.”

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How do we achieve it?

The most natural way is always the most intuitive one to interact with any device. That's why we have created a simple joystick system –which has been granted Utility Model protection– that allows the manual control of the coffee brewing process, turning it into a completely new experience – much more affective, gestural and intuitive.

Also, the group-head reads the type of portafilter that is being used (1 or 2-way), to select the proper dose

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Key facts


Analogical-like and natural inspired ergonomics.


Automatic recognition of single or double filter holders.


Programmable gesture functions; choose which move will order short, long or continuous dose.