IB WaterTech

At Iberital we advocate for…

Assuring that the hot water used for infusions or filtered coffee is always served at its best quality.

At Iberital we firmly want to promote a healthier and safer future in which the machine does not use recirculated stagnated water and where recipes are brewed at the precise temperature asked for.


How do we achieve it?

Firstly, by creating a never-before-seen independent hot water circuit that uses water directly from mains and assures water from steam boiler is never used for infusions. Secondly, by using a PID-controlled proportional valve with temperature sensors that allows us to provide the volume of water at the precise temperature you ask for. 200ml of pure water at 95º? Done.

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Key facts


Every water delivery is sourced directly from mains.


Goodbye stagnated alkaline water from steam boiler. Hello health.


Hot water system has its own pump, independent from coffee system.


Fast temperature sensors and proportional valve for quick and precise PID control.